How To Behave During Your Move

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Behaviour During Your Move
How To Behave During Your Move

After several weeks of research, some individual visits and a signed quote, the day of the move has finally arrived. The entire team of movers will make themselves available to the client. But what does the client have to do? How should he behave? And should he tip?

To Act As A Client

In the first place, one must have respected one’s obligations. Indeed, according to the chosen formula, there is a more or less critical involvement on the part of the customer, and it is imperative that the latter has realized his share of work before the day of the move, as:

  • cartons filled, closed and annotated
  • furniture that requires it dismantled
  • fixtures and unhooked paintings
  • unplugged appliances

Then, when the movers arrive at your home in Swindon, it is advisable to go around the accommodation with the team leader of the moving company and to tell him everything necessary, such as boxes containing particularly fragile objects or furniture that do not leave.

Finally, since the essential has been done and said, leave the field free for the moving company. Many round trips will be made, heavy furniture raised and verbal instructions exchanged: they need space to intervene at best. Of course, the goal is not to disappear, because, in case of questions from the movers, the customer must be able to answer, but say that we must be discreet and above all, avoid giving advice: is their job!

And if the housing to be moved houses a dog or a cat, it is very much better to entrust it to an acquaintance D-day: no stress for him, no risk of bites or scratches for movers.

Suggest A Little More

The movers often arrive early at the loading address, and although it is possible that the coffee pot, cups or glasses are already packed, welcome with coffee may be a good idea. A kettle, a few plastic cups and coffee, and sugar sticks can make all the difference to the atmosphere of the building site. You can also plan to provide some cold drinks and offer all day long: water and sodas are often welcomed. Prejudices are avoided, and no beer is provided: by the rules of procedure, it is usually forbidden for movers to drink for safety reasons. If it is sometimes tempting to offer them the meal, at the brewery at the corner of the street or having food delivered, it is better to talk to them before. Indeed, the lunch break is also used, in addition to some strength, to relax: some prefer to walk, others isolate themselves, etc..No count, that eating habits will be managed!

Give Or Not A Tip

It’s the end of the move, and all the furniture is in its place. Maybe there are still some boxes to be unpacked by the customer, but the biggest is done, and the movers are on the departure. This is usually the time to tip, although it is not mandatory at all. To determine the amount, it is based on the quality of the service, of course, but especially on the availability of the team as to the individual wishes (pick up a chandelier, unplug a washing machine, etc. ..) and its responsiveness facing any unexpected (lift down, take a slight detour to give a piece of furniture to a friend, etc.). As for who to give this money to, rather than to the team leader who will distribute it later, it is best to give it to everyone individually: this shows the movers that we appreciated their efforts.